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                                              FIMEX TAIWAN LTD.

                   has been engaging in the export of electrical appliances & accessories since 1986.

                          Our activities are world-wide and operating more than 40 countries.

                                        Our main products dealing as followings: :

              •   Electrical Materials. (This book)           •   Wiring Devices.
              •   Light Source.                               -  Extension & Power Cord

              -  LED Lamp & Down Light                        -  Insulating Material

              -  Compact Fluorescent Lamp                     -  Keystone Jack & Telephone Accessories
              -  Fluorescent Lamp                             -  Insulating Tape, Sleeve, Tester, Bus bar

              -  Tungsten halogen Lamp                        -  Automatic Control Component
              -  Incandescent Lamp                            -  Emergency & Night Light & Photo Control

              -  Transformer, Ballast and Dimmer              -  LED & Neon & Indicator Lamp
                                                              -  Ventilating Fan

                       We not only can provide you Taiwanese goods but also offer Chinese merchandises.

                  As a leading & professional exporter of electrical materials, we are in possession of sufficient

                   experience and advanced knowledge about our products. Definitely we are sure that we are

                 able to provide & serve you correct products what your requirement. Meanwhile our products
                     are priced at a very reasonable level with nice quality that our customers keep ahead of

                    competition. Moreover we always develop new range products to meet fast movement of

                                  market enable our customers to derive a business advantage.

                   We sincerely look forward to having the opportunity to serve you and become our partner

                                                        in the near future.
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